Which class is right for you?

Luna offers a wide variety of classes, from introductory structures to advanced techniques, as well as private instruction and personally designed group intensives. We currently have three beautiful four-harness floor looms which allows Luna to teach a diverse spectrum of weaving techniques. Limiting each class to three participants creates an intimate atmosphere and gives each student one-on-one attention with the instructor. 


If you've never wove before...

You may be interested in coming to one of our free "Drop In" weekends where you can literally just drop in, weave for a few minutes to see if you like it, then leave! All of our looms are prepared in advance with a variety of structures so you can experiment without any commitment to find out if weaving is for you!  You can also come check us out during open studio hours and see the magic that happens here firsthand! 

OPEN STUDIO HOURS: Every Wednesday and Saturday Noon - 5pm!!!

Upcoming DROP IN Weekends from 10am - 5pm: January 14th & 15th, February 11th & 12th, April 1st & 2nd

If you've dabbled in weaving...

Or perhaps your Grandma gave you her old loom and you have no idea how to use it... You may want to take our single day introductory course on scarf weaving - you come in ready to weave, and everything is prepared for you! Or you may want to take a course where you will learn the entire process of weaving, from beginning to end. In these introductory classes we focus on simple structures and foster basic fundamental weaving skills. These beginning classes are also great for people who have never wove before, and also people who'd like to refresh their memories before taking an advanced class! 

Upcoming One-day Introductory Scarf Workshops from 10am - 5pm: Saturday January 21st, 28th, Feb 4th

Upcoming Weekend Introductory Intensives from 10am - 5pm: March 4th & 5th,  April 15th & 16th.

If you are an advanced weaver...

You can elaborate on and embellish your weaving skills by  taking our advanced courses on specialized techniques such as complex overshot (two or more shuttle weave structure), ikat (creating patterns through resist dyeing), and double weave (literally weaving two cloths at once). You can also rent a space at Luna Fiber Studio and have your own loom to weave on!!

Please contact Luna if you are interested in an advanced course! We are currently designing our spring curriculum! 

If you are a master weaver...

Contact us!! We'd love to work with you somehow!!