About the Instructors


Sarah Gotowka is a practicing textile artist and instructor. She has been weaving since 2005, and has been growing natural dyes since 2010. Since moving to the Ithaca area she has taught workshops at Cornell University, Ithaca College, The Johnson Museum of Art, Wells College, New Roots Charter School, The Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts, The Craftstitute, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Trumansburg Middle School. 

For more information on Sarah Gotowka please visit her website: www.saagoto.com




José Buenaventura González Gutiérrez  is from Teotitlan de Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico. He has been carding, spinning, dyeing and weaving for approximately 40 years. He grew his own cochineal and had a thriving textile business. He arrived in the United States in April 9th 2016 to stay permanently in the Ithaca area. He has participated in the National Geographic summer event in 2008 at Central Park , and the Smithsonian museum in December 2016.  You can find more about José at his website: www.mexicanweaver.com



Indira White has been sewing from a very young age. She grew up in a sewing household and learned garment construction and from both her parents. Originally from Dominican Republic, Indira grew up in the Bronx and attended Fashion Industries High school in Manhattan. She did costume design and construction for Young Danceamakers Company, seasons 2007 and 2008. Indira received her BA in Science from Ithaca College and now works at Cornell.