There’s nothing more badass than looking at something and being all like ‘I could do that. Probably better.’ That’s how I felt after taking weaving lessons with Sarah — I’m a total scarf snob now and there’s no looking back!
— Mara Baldwin, director of The Handwerker Gallery at Ithaca College
Sarah is a wonderful teacher! She is passionate about her art and sharing her wealth of information with others. With private instruction she takes the time to guide you while also allowing space for independent work and experimentation. Her approach is methodical but also flexible and geared towards each individual. I would highly recommend taking a workshop or private instruction with Sarah to anyone interested in fiber arts”
— Gabriela, local textile artist
Our time at Luna Fiber Studio was inspirational, educational and therapeutic. I appreciate Sarah’s depth of expertise in textiles, her accessible teaching style, and her support to follow my own expressive visions. My son and I have sweet memories of bonding creatively together and of making family heirlooms in Sarah’s class. Thank you!
— Sareanda Lourdes, owner of Amrita Woman's Health
I loved learning weaving at Luna; Sarah is a generous and patient teacher with a wonderful sense of humor, and working in the studio is so calming and inspiring. If I could, I would show up to weave every single day.
— Alexandra Delfarro, PhD Anthropology student at Cornell
The scarf making workshop at Luna Fiber Studio was phenomenal - I went in knowing absolutely nothing about weaving, and left with a completed scarf for my mom’s birthday! Sarah is an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher, and the studio is a bright and beautiful space to spend an afternoon.
— Rachel Ostlund, Owner of Kinship and Company